Thursday, 2 October 2014

Be the healthiest flight attendant or business passenger in the skies :)

Hello to all of you lovely people!!! I just came back from a flight and before I get ready to go to bed I wanted to share with you all the simplicity within being a flight attendant (as I know some of you are) , and eating healthy :). I have flown since 2007 and yes I went through different phases and was not always as inspired as I am now. Years of changing habits and learning about how to better nourish my body have made me become the woman I am today. It is with ease you can accomplish a healthier you inside out.
For all of you flyers and also non flyers that perhaps take a business trip every now and then I would like to share my tips and tricks.
It is highly recommended you drink plenty of water preferably adding some lemon slices and ginger or mint leaves. They act as antioxidants,help your circulation and reduce bloating all good for when up in the air.
Plan your meal timing according to the daily schedule you will have and if possible take some bits and bobs from home. I always travel with lemon, ginger and turmeric. Why? Because every morning I drink warm water with a slice of lemon and a pinch of turmeric. It cleans my body, activates my digestive system with a gentle good morning! and adding turmeric I give my body all it's benefits as we will learn on a future post.
It is a nice idea too if you perhaps take some pieces of fruit if unavailable on board for you, some berries to increase those antioxidant levels and some toppings for a great salad that can serve you as lunch. Would be a nice idea to pack in a small tupperware some quinoa, beetroot, palm hearts, carrots.....any of your favorites. Also carry a zip lock bag with all the superfood goodies like chia seeds, powders and nuts, this way when you feel hungry you will enjoy preparing your own delicious and nutritious salad and be the envy of all on board :)
If traveling as a passenger small sized tupperware's and  ziplock bags work amazing too. Carry nuts and a banana for your snack, make a cold bean salad so you have some protein and add some leafy greens for extra goodness :) like kale and then top up with all your favorites again. This time mix it all and once on board kindly ask a steward/stewardess to stow your food in their fridge which they will be more than welcome to do and whenever you see they start the service for all other passengers that would be your queue if hungry to go ahead and enjoy your super salad! :) if you feel you need some additional you can always place some rice crackers in a ziplock bag too and a yogurt for desert.

Being organized is the key to a successful healthy day at work in the skies. It takes less than half an hour to start off and  once you are used to it you won't be able to travel without your goodies.
I also find that taking my own tea bags, oat milk in individual sized tetra packs and some oats for those hotels that don't have an awesome breakfast also works wonders.
Always leave "healthy food emergency kits" in your suitcase or cabin bag as you never know when you would need them and would always be handy.
Make your own sweet treats at home or pack some dates or apples for that sugar craving if you need to.

This was my breakfast this morning :) I took my oats and added chia seeds, maca powder, pecans and almonds after I drank my water with lemon, ginger and turmeric .  I had some barley and an avocado for the flight aswell in order to mix it with some additionals and create a yummy salad for lunch.
It is easier than you think and it only takes YOU to try it out and see for yourself.

Couldn't help but share the beautiful hotel we had the pleasure of staying healthy and love yourself!!!! next post will be an introduction to super foods.....what they are and how they benefit us :)

You are a ziplock bag away from being the healthiest crew in the skies or  passenger on board.

 Good day to you all!!! Xxx

Rocio Arenas 

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