Friday, 26 September 2014

taking baby steps

Hello beautiful people! I am so eager to share stories and daily recommendations and hope to lighten up the healthy part of you all :)
One thing you should know about me is that I love laughing therefore I love smiles so you will see plenty of happy faces when I write my daily entries.
I am enjoying some days off from work now as I have two gorgeous persian cats and I decided to spay them as I won't be breeding them so to reduce the chances of ovarian cancer. So here I am sitting in my sofa drinking bael tea (dry thai fruit) and sharing my thought with you all.
In Abu Dhabi today it's gorgeous and sunny, temperatures are slowly lowering down as we had a pretty hot summer and garden time is soon to come!!
I have had the immense pleasure of not working for the past few weeks as its not a busy time for us now but once I get back on flights I will be also sharing some of the beauty than can be captured around the world.
I would like to share with you all today the huge importance of taking BABY STEPS. Taking things slowly and securely as they come to us, thinking about options and sharing the information with friends and family to ask for advice in every aspect is always highly recommended. Listening to our bodies and slowly changing habits, slowly getting into exercise routines...
And why is that? well take for instance a new job, you are nervous, excited and looking forward to fulfilling all the needs that new job has to offer you. you wish to impress well on your interview and you wish to answer correctly and appropriately all questions. You would't rush in answering, you wouldn't rush in taking a decision once selected, you wouldn't rush in applying for a position not suited to your capabilities.
Take the example of setting up a business for any entrepreneur out there just like myself it is not a rushed decision, it all takes time and it's better to speak out and ask for others input and make decisions by the day with a thorough thinking through.
As you have read those examples I am sure you have been able to adopt them to your life as you have surely done an interview or made big decisions at some point. Now I want you to try applying it to health and wellness and the importance of taking baby steps when it comes to changing your lifestyle to a healthier one that is better suited for your body.
If you drink sodas every day for example and have a sweet desert after each meal and you want to do your best to eliminate both things do it slowly. Start by reducing the sodas to smaller sizes, eliminate one each day and set a week goal to achieve only a soda a day and stay like that for a month see how you feel and see how your body reacts, what are you craving. Whenever you eliminate something you know is not a healthy option for you, specially if there is sugar involved, your body will crave a substitute and that's where the patience and slow steps start. You would want to replace what you eliminated with a fresh piece of fruit or a handful of nuts or perhaps a tea. Increase your daily activity, this is extremely important when changing your eating habits as you will be focused in a task and not worried about eating or about that candy bar you didn't have.
I would like for you to reflect on this and take a moment to think what foods you are not happy with, what foods you have been trying to eliminate, what foods you are upset about "having to eat" every day.
When you have those in your mind replace each of them with a healthier option and visualize yourself not having that internal fight any more over those foods, imagine yourself free of cravings.

Only you can do it if you put your mind to it so start working on it with baby steps and I assure you within some time and effort from your side you will achieve anything you want! :) :)

By Rocio Arenas

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