Sunday, 28 September 2014

healthy yes...healthy no....I'm me! :)

Hello to all of you lovely people! Today I'm writing with the help of one of my persian cats whom decided to lay on half my keyboard whilst I was getting inspired on today's topic haha so cute! :)
What is healthy? Am I eating right? Should I change any habit? Do I spend my money wisely on my groceries? How could I learn about better choices?
I am sure most of you have asked yourselves that at some point and perhaps are still unsure about the correct answer or may think there is no such answer. I am here to guide you through and hopefully put an end to those doubts. With how everything has changed since the industrial revolution in the late 1700's what we consider healthy has been basically manipulated by food corporations, governments and labs.
Remember when smoking was a 'cool' thing to do and how on board every aircraft in the 80's you could smoke? And how is that now for smokers? banned from public places, separated in different areas in bars and restaurants, tv commercials and street banners are prohibited for cigarette just took people to realize that cigarettes can actually kill you and decrease your life prosperity.Well not as aggressive as that but our food system is starting to fall in the same rails. 

What is healthy? despite the efforts in the 80's to make us believe low fat and low calorie was something good for us thankfully many people realized it wasn't at all.When you actually take fat out of a food product it instantly tastes what did they do to add flavor and still sell it as low fat? add sugar! It was a hit for some years and perhaps still is in some countries but thankfully it helped other movements grow as their sales started dropping so low glycemic, organic, natural.... started hitting the market.
To answer the first doubt then, basically healthy is anything that comes out of the soil, of a tree, from a free living animal, or out of the ocean...hardcore? well anything packaged, preserved, canned, tinned or processed in a lab doesn't sound as a natural state of the food to me anymore, therefore there is always going to be something less healthy about it as it has had to be manipulated before reaching you. Pay attention next time you do your groceries and check how much fruit percentage is in the fruit juice you buy, how much meat percentage is in the packaged sausages you buy, how much fruit pieces in your yogurts or how much fiber in your will be shocked.

Am I eating right? There is a bio-individuality to each and every one of us therefore I believe nobody should be talked into taking diets or trying a new way of eating by crowding out food groups. What works for your mom and sister or your friend or co-worker may not work for you. Make the effort of listening to your own body and create your own lifestyle not diet. Did today's salad upset your stomach? try changing the dressing tomorrow for  a different one. Did tonight's pasta dish upset you? perhaps consider removing dairy or gluten for some time which are the major food allergy groups and see how you feel. If a green smoothie in the morning bloats you try taking your fruit juice in the morning and the veggie juice in the around and pay attention on the signs your body shows you and that will tell you if what you are eating is right. I do suggest you increase the veggies though!!!  they are full of nutrients, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and they bring color and deliciousness to your plates :)

Should I change any habit? here is where a conversation with yourself takes place hahaha. I will be giving you lots of information here and on my Facebook page 'Rocio Arenas Health Coach' for you to learn and slowly understand what would benefit you best of what is out there in the supermarket.
If for example you drink a half litre soda a day you would want to start reading on what sugar does to your body, what all the aromas, stabilizers, substitutes and preservatives found in sodas do to your organs. Would you want to grow older with healthy bones? You would want to know then that sodas block the absorption of vitamin D in your body which is responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc and essential for bone density.
Would you want to avoid the risk of heart disease related problems or diabetes perhaps? Many studies relate the excess intake of "fast foods' full of oils, saturated fats, sugars, carbs.... to the increase risk of the diseases mentioned before so perhaps if you indulge in more burgers you think are beneficial then please consider reducing the amount.... and the list would go on and all relies on you and that inner conversation with yourself .

I am aware that media and researches and lifestyle makes us think things are better or worse every month that passes by,  but truth is the basics have always been the same...nourish your body with love and affection, drink plenty of water, exercise and eat plenty of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes and avoid those packages, processed un-natural food products in order to balance a healthier you inside out!

By Rocio Arenas

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