Saturday, 27 September 2014

sugar sugar sugar...all over the place!!!

Hello to all you lovely people! I am hoping you had or are having a wonderful day :) It is 21.03 pm now in Abu Dhabi, I just finished my daily yoga workout and proud to say my headstands are getting better hahaha I am a newbie in the headstand and handstand asanas and I am loving how your body really pushes further and shows you big improvements to gain a pat on the shoulder and a gold star as when we were kids haha.
Today I wanted to share with you a documentary which will soon be released on dvd called FED UP. It is available for you to watch on the apple store already for whomever owns an apple tv. It is hands down one of the best food documentaries I have watched so far.
Within the hour and a half you will learn how much we have changed nutrition. How the industrial revolution changed the concept of a healthy meal for us all and how sugar is absolutely everywhere including places you least expect it to be.
Did you know that a can of coke has the same amount of sugar than an odwalla natural juice?! or that 3 oreo cookies are equal in sugar to a luna bar....that really shocked me as sometimes doing groceries you wouldn't think twice before grabbing hold of "healthier" options only to know the amount of sugar in them is astonishingly high.
Us as humans don't metabolize fructose very well... it poses a major strain for our liver and pancreas.
"A new study suggests that we may pay a price for ingesting too much fructose. Chances are you consume quite a bit of fructose. Most Americans do --- in refined sugars such as sucrose or table sugar (which is half fructose) and in high-fructose corn syrup, used in products as diverse as soft drinks, protein bars, and fruit juice. Dietary fructose affects a wide range of genes in the liver that had not previously been identified."
If you pay a closer look to some of the food labelings you will see that fructose and high fructose corn syrup is almost in everything you eat on a daily basis.
Dr. Robert Lustig states in the movie Fed Up that "Sugar is a poison, he describes it as an acute chronic dose dependent hepato (liver) drug" There are plenty of researches that link high sugar intake to heart diseases, diabetes, lipid problems, strokes, cancer.....fructose can only be processed in the liver...when it is pushed to the max the pancreas has to come to the rescue and produces excess amount of  the hormone insulin (energy storage hormone) which transforms sugar into fat for storage. High levels of insulin can also block your brain from receiving the signal it is full, therefore you feel hungry and you tend to overeat.
Has it happened to you that you may be watching the news and you see a journalist interviewing a group of homeless people and they appear overweight and you think...hey?! but how come they are hungry if they are seems to me they are eating...well here is the huge huge problem and biggest misunderstanding...they are actually starving and they are nutritionally deficient as all they eat are normally foods with loads of sugar and high in saturated fats and carbs mostly fast foods, which of course makes them gain weight. It keeps them full for a while and satiated and it costs maybe a couple or three dollars to serve them for lunch and dinner.
Only us can make a change, only us can fight against the huge corporations that manipulate our food products into addictive substances we think we need!
I am happy to be free of cravings and I will be sharing soon some of my healthy options for when you feel a sweet tooth coming your way as we all like that little bit of sweetness :)
I also recommend you to have a look at Eve O. Schaub, an American mother of two who decided to eliminate sugar from her family's diet for a year and her astonishing results were published in her book 'Year of no sugar' it is a very inspiring and eye opener piece too.
So I hope you learned something today and you were engaged through my writing too. I encourage you to start reading the labels of every product in your cupboards and fridges and see how many sugar additives you spot ( fructose, sucrose, agave, syrups, high fructose corn syrup......) here is a list of over 50 different names that are used for sugar in our foods.

Wishing you all the best :)

By Rocio Arenas

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